Game Mechanism

The catboy P2E game employs a mechanism that is straightforward yet efficient, as evidenced by the flowchart provided below.

Combat Calculation

After a player deposits their desired amount of $CATBOY to participate in the battle, they will be paired with a automatic generated opponent. The player must confirm the transaction, and the contract will then calculate their Characters Power. This power level will be compared to the enemy's stats in order to determine the outcome of the fight. For instance, if Catboy A has an aggregate power of 130 while Catboy B has an aggregate power of 100, then Catboy A's chances of winning are 56.5%.

We have modified the power random number generator (RNG) of Catboy on the mint platform to work within a restricted range. This adjustment ensures that every Catboy has an equal and fair opportunity to defeat any other Catboy.


If you win, you will receive an additional amount of up to 50% of your deposit from the gaming pool.

If you lose, your deposited amount of your tokens will be transferred to the Gaming pool.