Upgrading the Founder's Edition and the Slayer Edition is an option that can be enhanced


Well, it’s super easy! By utilizing the Upgrade machine. Put three of the same rarity NFTs in the upgrade machine and while its merging, you get one leveled up NFT in return when the merge is completed!


  1. Select the three NFTs you want to combine of the same rarity level that you want to upgrade.

  2. Insert your NFTs into the machine to start the upgrade process.

  3. Wait for the upgrade process to finish: The machine will analyze the two NFTs and merge them into a single NFT with a higher rarity level.

  4. Receive your new NFT: Once the upgrade process is complete, you will receive your new NFT with a higher rarity level.

Upgrade Queue

Upgrade Multiple NFT Sets at Once: Gone are the days of one-by-one upgrades. With our Upgrade Machine, you can queue up multiple NFT sets at once.

Progress Tracking with Timers: Once you've initiated the upgrades, each set in the queue will have its own dedicated timer. This timer reflects the time it takes for your NFTs to undergo their transformative journey. You'll always know exactly when your upgraded NFTs will be ready for you to claim.

You can convert multiple lower rarity NFTs to a higher rarity Catboy NFT

Upgrade Options

There are three upgrade options:

3 Common --> 1 Uncommon 3 Uncommon --> 1 Rare 3 Rare --> 1 Epic

If you upgrade

All of your previous Catboy Cards will be burned in order to receive a leveled up one!

No fees for upgrading!

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