Meet Haru

The face of Catboy

Haru, the blonde blue eyed Catboy on our logo will be representing the Catboy community.

'Haru' is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means β€˜Born In The Spring’.

Kingdom of Haru

In the age of knights and castles, there lived a humble young boy named Haru. With his pointed ears and astonishing instincts reminiscent of a cat, he was the pride of his small village. Despite his family's financial troubles, Haru had devoted himself to the selfless task of aiding others. His parents, filled with pride, watched as their son dedicated every free moment to volunteering and participating in charity events, offering a helping hand to those less fortunate.

Haru's heart knew no bounds. He possessed an insatiable desire to explore the world, with his loyal companions, the chibis, at his side, he felt invincible. Even as his days were brimming with commitments, he remained a diligent student, often burning the midnight oil in pursuit of knowledge. Dawn would find him already at work, tirelessly striving to make the world a better place.

His unwavering dedication did not go unnoticed. From near and far, people hailed Haru as an epitome of hard work and selflessness, unlike anything the town had ever seen. He inspired others, igniting the spark of altruism in their hearts. The town soon reverberated with ideas on how they, too, could follow in the footsteps of the extraordinary Haru and contribute to the welfare of the community.

And so, in a world where nobility was not determined by birthright but by the depth of one's compassion and the strength of one's character, Haru's journey began, which would eventually lead him to become the esteemed King of the Catboy realm.

Catboy World Wide!

He has a passion for adventure and travel, and he is determined to explore the bigger world.

He made it his mission to help people wherever he went, by learning about different cultures and providing assistance as needed. He also takes pictures of the places he visited, keeping a journal along the way.

He visited the Cloud Gate in Chicago to Metropolitan Cathedral in Milan. People around the world soon will recognize him based on his signature face!

He always spreads stickers wherever he goes to leave his footsteps. During his global travels. He knows that these journeys are doing some good in the world - one sticker at a time!

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Sticker Marketing

Stickers are great for building a brand. That's the power of stickersβ€”when displayed, they're not perceived as advertising. People see stickers as more of a gift than a promotional tool, which helps lower their defenses. Instead of throwing the sticker away, people will likely look for a surface to stick them on.

Sticker Campaign 2024

Our sticer camaign 2024 is now live! Follow us on tiktok to follow our journey around the world!

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