NFT staking

Stake, Stake, Stake!

NFT staking refers to locking up NFTs in our Dapp in exchange to earn staking rewards and other benefits. Staking NFTs allows holders to earn an income from their collection without having to sell them while maintaining ownership. Staking an NFT works like staking cryptocurrency; all you need is a Web3 wallet. That said, not all NFTs can be staked!

Stakable Catboy NFT Collections ⬇️

  • Saykun Edition

  • Founders Edition

  • God Cards Edition

  • Slayer Edition (new)

  • Waifu's Edition (new)

  • Bonus NFT (new)

What is New?

Our APY system is changed to a Multiplier system. With a limited allocation amount in $CATBOY tokens every month.

The NFT Multiplier system is one of the most exciting implementations to be added to the Catboy's ecosystem.

  • The Multiplier represents what share of the total $CATBOY allocation will be made available to the NFT.

    • From 1x to 15x etc.

How does a multiplier work?

For the next 30 days, there are 250,000* tokens available for stakers. These tokens are distributed gradually over time among all NFTs that are currently staked. To illustrate, let's simplify the distribution by saying that 1 token is released every second. If there are 10 NFTs staked at a given moment, each NFT would earn 1/10th of a token per second. Therefore, after 10 seconds, each NFT would have earned 1 token.

However, the distribution is not uniform due to multipliers. Each NFT has a multiplier associated with it, determining its share of the released tokens. For instance, an NFT with a 10x multiplier earns twice as many tokens as an NFT with a 5x multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the larger the share of tokens the NFT earns over time. Amount of tokens available for stakers can differ depending on marketcap. High/low marketcap

There is a limited amount of 20 staked NFTs only per wallet.


You can claim your staking rewards and buy a Mystery Box with 10% discount! Option to buy Merchandise with staking rewards is planned to be available in the future.

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