How to play?

  1. Select your Catboy NFT you want to take to the battle.

  2. Buy a ticket to enter the Arena.

  3. Once in the battle arena, you input the amount of $CATBOY tokens you want to bet with.

  4. You fight a generated enemy. You see your opponent in the arena.

  5. To increase your chances to win, you can buy a power potion!

  6. Ready to battle? By Pressing the fight button, you see immediately if you won or lost.

  7. You want to play another game? - Buy a repeat potion

  8. Got scared and you want to quit? Easy, you can cancel the fight!

Limit of 1 game per day unless you buy the repeat potion which is a one time purchase per day.

Requires Season 2 Collection to play the game

The maximum amount of $CATBOY that can be deposited is 50,000.

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