How to stake NFTs

Introduction on how to stake your NFTs

  1. Step one own a stakable NFT (you can mint or buy one on the marketplace)

  2. Go to your inventory and click on your NFT that you want to stake.

  3. Click on the 'stake' button and complete the approval transactions (2x)

  4. Your NFT is now staked!

  5. Navigate now to the staking page to see your NFT being staked.

You can follow up your accumulated staking rewards on the staking page. You can claim your rewards after 7 days. After the timer is completed, you will see the 'claim' button appear in green.

FAQ regarding NFT staking

Can I unstake my NFTs?

Yes! You can unstake (withdraw) your NFTs any moment. If you unstake before you can claim your tokens, you will lose you rewards.

How many NFTs can I stake at once?

There is a limit of 20 NFTs staked per wallet.

I can't claim my NFT Staking rewards!

You have to wait untill the timer of 7 days is finished. Once the time is over, a green 'claim' button will appear.

How do I calculate my rewards?

calculation coming soon!

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