How it works

How does it work?

To fill each section, the user must collect four different cards of the corresponding rarity. Once a section is complete, the user can claim a bonus and is not able to fill that section again.

The collector book works as a burning mechanism. Once the user has collected the required cards for a section, the cards will be sent to a burn adress that "burns" the cards In return, the user receives the bonus reward.

You can utilize the collector book feature once per wallet. This means that if you have completed the entire Slayer collection, filled the rarities NFTs, and claimed the bonus, and you still possess additional Slayer NFTs, you will need to transfer them to another wallet in order to use a new collector's book.

This burning mechanism serves a dual purpose. First, it encourages users to collect more cards to fill their collector book, which drives up demand for the NFT cards. Second, it reduces the supply of those specific cards, which can increase their rarity and potentially their value.

Overall, the collector book is a fun and engaging way for NFT collectors to organize their collections and earn rewards for their efforts.

Once inserting your NFT in the collectors book, you can not remove it anymore!

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