Season 2 Collection

New collection Catboy NFTs for Catboy on BSC

Available to obtain via Mystery Box or to win via special events! (BSC only)

Slayer Edition

The Slayer Edition is Catboy's latest and exciting new release. A must-have for collectors and fans of digital art. Catboy has quickly took a step in the world of digital art. The Slayer Edition is a set of 12 unique NFTs, each representing a different mythical creature. From dragons to warriors!

Each NFT in the Slayer Edition comes with staking benefits with a limited supply, only 1500 of each NFT available for purchase via Mystery Box.

Waifu's Edition

The Waifu Edition is a set of 12 unique NFTs, each featuring a different female character in her signature style. From cute and playful to elegant and sophisticated, each NFT showcases her ability to capture the essence of femininity in it's art.

In addition to their stunning visual design, each NFT in the Waifu Edition comes with great staking benefits.

The Waifu's is a limited release and only available to earn via events. This means that each NFT is incredibly rare, making them even more valuable to collectors. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Catboy's latest masterpiece! More about the Waifu will be released soon!

Bonus NFT

A bonus NFT is an additional NFT that is given to our most loyal collectors as a reward for completing the collectors book. The staking benefits are higher then the other collections.

Staking Multiplier

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