🚨Price Alert Bot (new)

Our newest adition in telegram mainchat: @CatboyAlert_bot In the latest development, Catboy has implemented a dynamic tax adjustment mechanism, providing users with real-time updates on our tax fees. Upon announcement, tax fees are promptly reduced, ensuring immediate benefits for investors.

Given the occasional high gas fees associated with Ethereum transactions, Catboy aims to maintain a welcoming environment for ETH users by periodically implementing a 0% buy tax rate. This strategic move ensures that investors are not deterred from purchasing due to excessive fees.

When will the tax change?

The bot will trigger an alert if there is a price difference of more than 15% between $CATBOY Ethereum and $CATBOY BSC.

The change takes effect within seconds of the announcement and remains in place until the next update.

Only the buy tax will change from 3% - 0% and the other way around.

Buy directly from the bot!

With a simple click on the bot, users can seamlessly have the option to buy $CATBOY Eth. It will direct you to the uniswap website.

Users will receive notifications when tax rates revert to 3%.

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