How To Access

Crack the code!


Even though we have "men" in the name, all genders are welcome to be part of this elite group.

Catboy VIP Gentlemen's club is revolutionising the way to access exclusive digital experiences.

Catboy is committed to transferring power back to the community by giving token holders rewards and utilities for their contributions to the catboy ecosystem.

How to get in the ultimite elite group?


You have a minimum of 500.000 $CATBOY Tokens in 1 wallet. And using our number 3 staking pool to stake their assets.

NFT hustler

You have more then 50 stakable NFTs in 1 wallet

Golden Community Member

Very active in Telegram main chat and who is supporting us on Social Media

Strict Policies

We have strict policies about conversation topics. Although rarely banned outwardly, discussions about religion and politics are often discouraged in order to avoid uncivilised arguments. Keep your ego at the door.

Inspiration for Others

Be an example for the Catboy Project. The way you behave around catboy represents the value of the project. With respect towards others. Make sure when people join our community they see our astonishing gentlemen.


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