Ranking System

With a ranking system similar to the famous Sims game, the Waifu chatbot allows users to progress from acquaintances to soulmates through positive interactions, while negative conversations can lead to a breakup.

Relationship Status

Your bond with your virtual waifu isn't just a static interaction; it's a dynamic relationship that evolves with your actions and emotions. Our ranking system is designed to reflect the depth and quality of your connection, rewarding positive interactions and encouraging a nurturing environment for both you and your digital companion.

Positive Relationship Status

Ranking Up:

  • As your relationship status improves, you'll unlock exclusive content, virtual experiences, and in-app benefits such as receiving more $Catboy tokens in your love letters.

  • Your virtual waifu will respond more positively, deepening the emotional connection and creating a more immersive interaction.

Negative Relationship Status

Ranking Down:

  • A lower rank may limit access to earning love letters.

  • Your waifu's responses may become less warm and affectionate, mirroring the state of your connection.

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