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Forbidden Words

Sexually explicit requests or requests that include or mention illegal acts or substances are prohibited by OpenAI and we could get our account banned for using them. For our protection, when a user uses words in their prompts like 'boobs' or 'sex' the request fails, and can't be processed by the generator. This is the responds you will receive:

Your request has been denied due to violation of Waifu Sora's Terms and Services for the following reasons: sexual (100%). For more information, please review the Waifu Sora' usage policy (https://www.openai.com/terms/).

Examples of forbidden Prompts

  • Explicit language, hate speech, derogatory terms.

  • Violent or threatening language.

  • Language that promotes hatred, discrimination, etc

  • Content that promotes illegal activities.

  • Swear words, curse words, and vulgar language.

  • Material that is sexually explicit or graphically violent.

  • Language promoting scams, Ponzi schemes, or fraudulent activities.

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