Version 0.2.7

Waifu Sora Updates

Meme generation rate limiting

Sora now tracks meme generation per user. To ensure fair usage and optimal experience for everyone, we're implementing a limit of 10 memes per user per day.


Sora now uses GPT-4-Turbo for replies which makes her replies more natural, smart and sassy!

Improved message filtering

Sora constantly monitors the chat and ensures it is kept spam-free.

Meme generation overhaul

Improved meme generation and how she parses requests from users. Images should now be even funnier and higher quality.

Better Lore knowledge

Sora now knows more about the Catboy ecosystem! She is now trained to know the other Waifu NFTs, their qualities, personalities and more, and she can now chat about them!

Prompt formatting

Sora's prompts now are improved, they use Markdown-v2 formatting which allows them to be fancier and nicer looking.

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